Upon arrival at the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels you and your companions will be anticipating your experience with expansive views of beautiful turquoise, blue, and green waters you pass along the way. The refreshing salt air adds to the magnificent aquatic adventure that you are about to experience.

You will be greeted personally by our exceptionally friendly, courteous, and truly motivated professional staff dockside. This is your adventure and we want you to enjoy fully your love of the calm and human rejuvenating qualities of being surrounded by water and sea life!

A push of the button in the aqua viewing elevator begins the thrilling descent to a breathtaking and dream like underwater habitat. The elevator doors will open and you will be welcomed into our lobby by our concierge. Expansive views of the aquatic environment surround you, thanks to the crystal-clear acrylic wall and ceiling panels. The concierge will escort you down the concourse to the most extraordinary guest room they have ever experienced.

You are now the captain of your private, two-person capacity guest room – a fully furnished and functional 18’x12’ (5.5m x 3.7m) fully outfitted guest room bed, shower, furniture, refrimm and audio/visual entertainment center. Your views will constantly astound and entertain or lull you, it’s your experience and live it as you choose. Select your favorite music sit, relax, and behold the creatures and landscapes outside your room.

If you wish, you may join our staff, marine biologist and other guests in the two spacious lobbies. Share the amazing aquatic viewing experience with others. You may mingle with the other guests in the concourse or lobby as long as you like, enjoying the captivating underwater scenery.

Retiring to your guest room, enjoy gazing at the marine life. When you close your eyes for the night, what a unique slumber you will have, quiet, peaceful slumber. Awake to the morning sunshine 30 feet (9m) underwater, a dream experience, feel life as a dolphin might. Who knows what dreams may come in your underwater paradise?

In the morning, enjoy your breakfast in the concourse. Your departure will be as special as your arrival, accompanied by our staff to ensure a happy, safe departure and a continuation of the experience for you in your memories or when you return. We want to have loyal guests witnessing the restoration of coral reefs and ocean biodiversity.

You will never forget, and will always look forward to, your next experience here or at another Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, each with its own unique and distinctive aquatic setting, scenery, and sea life.

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